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Sinh function

The $sinh$ function is defined as:

$$\sinh x = \frac {e^x - e^{-x}} {2}$$

Here is the graph of the function:

sinh as average of two exponentials

The formula for $sinh$ can be interpreted as the average of two terms, $e^x$ and $-e^{-x}$.

This animation draws the first term in blue, the second term in green, and the averages (ie the $sinh$ function) in red:

Alternative equations

If we take the equation above and multiply top and bottom by $e^x$ we get an alternative form of the equation:

$$\sinh x = \frac {e^{2x} - 1} {2 e^{2x}}$$

or alternatively, multiplying top and bottom by $e^{-x}$

$$\sinh x = \frac {1 - e^{-2x}} {2 e^{-2x}}$$

These are alternative ways of writing the same formula.